1.1. The betting company accepts bets on the outcome of sporting and other events with a deliberately unknown result, including the use of telecommunication networks.

1.2. Every time the client’s application is downloaded, regardless the use of the media resource (via Internet or mobile services), by opening an account and/or using an existing account, betting or participating in any games, taking any prize, the client confirms his agreement with the current version of the Rules and the obligation to act in accordance with these Rules. Anytime a user downloads the client’s application, registers an account, uses an existing account, bets on any games, takes any winnings, etc., this signifies the User’s agreement and obligation to act in accordance with the current rules.

1.3. Golden 777 Nevada has the right to make any changes and additions to the rules set forth herein, the provisions and procedures of payments without an individual prior written notice. Users are notified about this with appropriate announcements. The conditions of previously staked (placed) bets remain unchanged, and bets which are accepted are subject to the posted rules at the time of acceptance.

1.4. Golden 777 Nevada reserves the right to refuse service to any person without disclosing the reason(s).


2.1. Golden 777 Nevada does not bear any responsibility for any losses or damages claimed as resulting from the use of this site or from its content. This provision equally applies to the use or misuse of the content of the site by any person, inability to access the site or use it, to delay in functioning or transmission of data, failures in communication lines, any errors, misprints or omissions in the content of the site.

2.2. Loading photos and video from the website or its sub-sites is permitted only for private use. Publication, transmission or reproduction of this data for any other purpose is strictly prohibited.

2.3. Golden 777 Nevada monitors traffic of its website actively, and reserves the right to block access in cases of suspected automated betting (bots).


3.1. Basic terms accepted in this edition of the rules:

"Single" – a bet on a single event;

"Multiple" or "Express" – this is a bet on the outcome of several different events simultaneously. When you place a bet on the outcome of two or more events (for example, two different football matches), you can unite them in a "Multiple" bet. To win a Multiple bet it is necessary for you to not have any failed predictions (losses) on any of the outcomes which are included in the Multiple bet. Loss on one of the outcomes of a Multiple bet means loss of the entire bet. Winnings of the Multiple bets are equal to the product of the bet amount at the coefficients of played outcomes included in the Multiple bet (if one of the outcomes included in the Multiple bet occurs a return, then the coefficient on it equals 1).

"System" – a combination of "Multiple" bets on a particular set of events. Each combination of the System is calculated as a separate Multiple bet. To win in the System Bet it is sufficient that the indicated number of predictions of the total number is correct (it is defined by name, for example, in the system “3 of 4″ it is necessary that 3 of the 4 predictions prove correct, for “5 of 7″ it is necessary properly to predict the outcome of the five events of 7 options, etc.). It must be taken into account that because of the fact that only a part of the total bet amount is specified on each of the multiple of the system bet (proportional to the number of options) then the winnings by such a system bet will be less than the possible general winnings by the multiple bet. In some cases, when not all outcomes are predicted, the amount of winnings may be less than the amount of the bet, but in contrast to Multiple bets, a part of the amount will be offset on account of correctly predicted outcomes.

"Chain" – bet which is a combination of "Single" bets which are independent from each other. The indispensable condition is a winning of the first event. The procedure of chain calculations depends on the order of the bets specified particularly in the coupon. After the first event, wins the amount equal to the bet for the second event would be eliminated, and the added amount is a "Chain" balance. If the next event loses, the amount of the "chain" balance is used. Each next event is calculated on the same principle. If the amount in the "chain" balance is less than the amount of the first single bet, in the next event a single bet is calculated starting with the sum that is left on the balance. If there is no money left on the "chain" balance the chain is interrupted and the bet is lost. In case of win, the winning amount depends on the number of events won and their coefficients.

"Handicap" – the advantage or the leeway of the entrant of competition, expressed in goals (points) sets, etc., which is provided by the bookmaker’s office to the entrant with bets riding on it. The result of the event subject to the handicap is determined in this way: The Handicap given to the entrant is added to the corresponding result shown by the entrant in the competition. If the results thus obtained are in favour of the chosen entrant, he is considered to be the winner, and the bets on his win subject to the handicap win. Payments are carried out with the coefficient of winnings indicated in the description of bets. If the result is in favour of the opponent – the bets are lost. If the result subject to the handicap is a draw, then the coefficient of winnings under such a result will be equal to 1 (return of the bet);

For example:

Team 1 - Team 2 Handicap 1 Coef.1 Handicap 2 Coef.2 Inter Cagliari -1.5 2.25 +1.5 1.9

  1. Suppose you want to bet on Cagliari winning subject to handicap. The handicap betting on Cagliari (Handicap 2) is equal to “+1.5″. To win with the bet on the handicap “+1.5″ it is necessary that Cagliari will not lose by more than 1 goal, as handicap +1.5 will be added to goals from Cagliari. Let us analyse all the options:

*a) Cagliari won or the teams drew or Cagliari lost by the difference of 1 goal. For example, the final score is 2-1. Taking into account the handicap (+1.5) the result is 2:2.5 in favour of Cagliari (the handicap of Inter when determining the result on the rates at Cagliari is not taken into account). The bets win.

*b) Cagliari lost by more than 1 goal. For example, the final score is 2-0. Taking into account the handicap (+1.5) the result is 2:1.5 in favour of Inter. In this case, the rates on Cagliari winning taking into account the handicap (+1.5) loss.

  1. Similarly, the following variants are possible when betting on a win for Inter taking into account the handicap “-1.5″:

*a) Inter won by two or more goals. For example, the final score is 3-0. Taking into account the handicap (- 1.5) the result is 1.5:0 in favour of Inter. The bets win.

*b) Inter won by 1 goal, the teams drew or Cagliari won. For example, the final score is 2-1. Taking into account the handicap -1.5, the result of the bets on Inter at handicap (-1.5) gives 0.5:1, in favour of Cagliari. In this case, the bets on Inter with the handicap -1.5 lose.

A double handicap bet is offered (Asian handicap). Bet on victory or total taking into account the handicap, which is the multiple of 0.25 (but not of 0.5). Such bets are calculated as 2 bets with half the sum: with the same odd and “common handicaps” and “common totals” multiple of 0.5’s near-by common value. If the Asian handicap is included in parlay or system, it is calculated with the odds which would apply in case of a single bet. In case of winning two common bets, the bet’s odd “O” is taken into account in the calculations. If one common bet is won and the other is a subject to refund, during the calculation is taken the odd ("O"+1)/2. If both common bets are lost, the whole bet is considered lost.

Event’s Participan Handicap’s double bet (Asian Handicap) Odd

Real -0.25 (0, -0.5) 2.0

Barcelona +0.25 (0, +0.5) 1.8

If a 200 Euros stake is made on “Real” and “Real” won: two common bets with the half of sum won and the winnings are equal to 1002.0 + 1002.0 = 400 Euros. The match was drawn: one common bet with the half of sum lost, and the other won with the odd “1″ and the winnings are equal to 1000.0 + 1001.0 = 100 Euros. “Real” lost: two common bets with the half of sum lost and the winning is equal to 1000.0 + 1000.0 = 0 Euros.

If a 200 Euros stake is made on “Barcelona” and “Barcelona” won: two common bets with the half of sum won and the winning is equal to 1001.8 + 1001.8 = 360 Euros. The match was drawn: one common bet with the half of sum lost, and the other won with the odd “1″ and the winning is equal to 1001.8 + 1001.0 = 280 Euros. “Barcelona” lost: two common bets with the half of sum lost and the winning is equal to 1000.0 + 1000.0 = 0 Euros.

“Total” – the number of goals, pucks, points or games scored, thrown, gained or played by an entrant or entrants of events.

For example: Suppose the total of the soccer game is set (the amount of goals scored) equal to “4″, and a wagering is offered on the total at two outcomes: more or less of the given total.

If less than 4 goals are scored (0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1, etc.), bets lower than “4″ win. If more than 4 goals are scored (4-1, 4-2, 3-2, etc.), bets lower than “4″ lose and bets more than “4″ win.

If exactly 4 goals are scored (3-1, 4-0, 2-2, 1-3, 0-4), all bets on more than “4″ and less than “4″ will be refunded.


4.1. The values of the parameters (including handicaps, totals) and coefficients of the events specified in the line of the current day may change after any bet, but conditions before bets are the same, except in cases of technical and obvious mistakes in the line.

4.2. Only the amount confirmed and registered by the company is accepted as the betting amount.

4.3. The User is the only person who is responsible for the bet. Once a bet is made and its acceptance is confirmed, it cannot be changed or cancelled by the User. Golden 777 Nevada does not provide any guarantees with respect to the “lost” or “double” bets made by customers. Please carefully check all the bets you have made.

4.4. Loss of your password cannot be a reason for the withdrawal rates or cancellation of the request for payment of winnings.

4.5. A bet is accepted as soon as it is confirmed by the company. All accepted bets are displayed in the “Bet History”. In some cases, there may be a delay until a bet is listed in your history. In case of any dispute the time when the bet was registered in the system of the company is considered to be its true submission time. If the User did not receive any notification about the acceptance of the bet, the rate is still considered to be accepted if it is displayed in the “Bet History.”

4.6. Failures of communication or other technical failures in customer communications are not a reason for the cancellation of a bet if the bet has been registered on the server.


5.1. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the proposed information services, including data on Live events and mailing services.

5.2. Golden 777 Nevada makes every effort to ensure the information on Live events (such as results, the time of a game and the statistics of teams /players) is correct. However, this information is displayed only for information purposes. Golden 777 Nevada is not responsible for any errors in this data.

5.3. Golden 777 Nevada is not responsible and does not accept any claims regarding the accuracy of the translation from foreign languages of team names and the names of the players. 5.4. If in the indicated event/match more than one member with the same surname is present and during bet acceptance the full name of the athlete or other features identifying them uniquely have not been indicated, all bets are refundable.

5.5. If in the name of the match or in the name of the position one or more entrants are indicated in the line incorrectly (except for errors in translation), that is if the other team/entrant of represented tournament is indicated instead of the necessary one, all the bets on that event are recognized as invalid and a return is made. Only Golden 777 Nevada has the right to determine the events belonging to this category.

5.6. In cases when the specific details of the team such as a particular age group (for example under 18s/under 21s/youth teams), gender (women) or the status of the team (reserve) are not indicated on the line resulting in the marking of the other team in the line instead of the declared one, all bets on this match are refundable. In other cases when incomplete names or possible grammar errors are indicated in the line, all bets remain in force. If the gender of teams is not indicated in the line, it is considered that the gender of teams is male. In case women’s teams are participating in a match it is necessary to have a detailed indication about it in the line otherwise bets on this match are a subject to return.

5.7. Date and time indicated in the line are the date and time of discontinuation of betsˈ acceptance on the event (except for Live events) and do not necessarily coincide with the date and time of the actual start of the event. The actual time of the event while counting the bets is considered as the time of the start of the event, which is determined based on the official documents of the organization conducting the competition, as well as Golden 777 Nevada’s data.

5.8. If the place of conducting a meeting is not indicated in the line, in the list of events the host of the field is indicated firstly, except for competitions of American types of sports. All the information contained in the “cap” to a particular sport, carries an ancillary character. Possible errors in the given information are not a ground for the return of bets.

5.9. On acceptance of bets for Live Events there is a set delay, the value of which may vary depending on the sport, market, and other features, and it is determined exclusively by Golden 777 Nevada for security and protection from subsequent bets.

5.10. For clients’ convenience, taking into account the specificity of Live Events in which coefficients change very often, a client can choose one of the following options: to “Accept all changes in the coefficients”, “Accept only marked-up bets” or “Do not accept bets if the coefficients change,” which determines respectively whether the bet is accepted if during the time of its arrangement the coefficient changes, at any changes of it, or just in the case when the changed bet exceeds the estimated coefficient of the bet of the client.

5.11. Incorrectly indicated date of the conducted match is not grounds for cancellation of the bet.

5.12. If the match began from the moment at which it was previously interrupted, and in the line that was not stipulated, the bets are refundable.


6.1. In "Multiple" and "System" bets it is forbidden to include different events that relate to the same match, not even the ones which are interdependent directly. If in such bets any events that relate to the given match were included, this bet is refundable, even if the computer program accepting the bets did not block this bet during its submission. Golden 777 Nevada reserves the exclusive right to determine whether the events are connected.

6.2. In the game on output-absence from the group in "Multiple" and "System" bets it is allowed only to bet on one team from the given group. If in such bets the qualification or non-qualification of the teams from the same group were included then the given bets are refundable, even if the computer program accepting the bets did not block this bet during its submission. Golden 777 Nevada reserves the unique right to decide whether to accept bets on the position of qualified or not qualified in "Multiple", "System" and in "Single" bets.


7.1. The Company is not responsible for errors in typing, transfer or counting of bets. In particular, Golden 777 Nevada reserves the right to correct obvious errors made while entering information on betting coefficients and/or calculation of the amounts at the bets (for example, errors in the coefficients indicated in teams incorrectly, incorrectly indicated events, etc.), or declare invalid the corresponding bets even after completion of the event. In the cases of correcting obvious errors bets are returned. The most common types of technical errors are the following:

7.1.1. Errors of input of coefficients – when the coefficient (or the setting of the handicap/total, etc.) is displayed without a separator (dot) or with any additional number. Example: instead of the coefficient 1.8, 18 is displayed, instead of 2.3, 23 is displayed, instead of 3.0, 30 is displayed etc.

7.1.2. “Mirror Errors” – when the coefficients for players are displayed in a diametrically opposite manner. In this case, the favourite of the game (including current favourite of the live event) is displayed by a coefficient exceeding the coefficient of the outsider of the given event.

Example: Basketball. Barcelona-Unicaja. The winner of the match. Instead of 1.2 and 4, 4 and 1.2 are displayed.

7.1.3. Writing errors – if all the coefficients are indicated correctly, however, teams are written in an incorrect order (usually occurs for events taking place on a neutral field). Explanation of the previous example: record: Basketball. Unicaja-Barcelona. The winner of the match. 1.2 and 4 instead of Basketball. Barcelona-Unicaja. The winner of the match. 1,2 and 4. Clear indicators of obvious errors are: very large difference in the coefficients of Golden 777 Nevada and other bookmakers, the coefficients that are nearly impossible to be offered in the current situation of the match. The right to determine whether or not an obvious or a technical error was made in any case belongs exclusively to Golden 777 Nevada.

7.2. Golden 777 Nevada reserves the right to cancel the bets made on deliberately incorrect coefficients and obvious errors. The customer will be informed about changes in the balance immediately.

7.3.Golden 777 Nevada reserves the right to cancel the bets even after the end of the event if these bets are won by the User as a result of a technical failure or an obvious error.

7.4. In cases when due to technical reasons the User’s bets were not provided with the necessary amount of funds in the account, the bets are considered as invalid.

7.5. In case of mistakenly having credited the means to the customer’s account the latter shall immediately notify Golden 777 Nevada about the mistake. If due to an error a negative balance has been formed with the client, the betting company has the right to cancel the uncalculated bets despite the fact that they were made before the error occurred.

7.6. The Company reserves the right to oblige the User to accept liability for any damage caused to it if the user used a technical or administrative error intentionally when making a deposit and/or during the receipt of money on the account.


Golden 777 Nevada does not accept any bets or provide services to customers on credit. All bets must be confirmed with funds existing in the account of the User.


9.1. Golden 777 Nevada states explicitly that bet placement and betting organization, as well as participation in sports betting, multiplayer poker, casino games and lottery style games may be restricted by law or even prohibited in some countries. Such restrictions or prohibitions may be imposed even if the company obtained the necessary permission (license for betting or organizing gaming) to place bets and for betting organizations. The User should note that if the placement of bets or participation in sports betting, multiplayer poker and games such as lotteries is prohibited or permitted only under certain conditions, which are not followed, the responsibility for any harm caused by this, rests solely with the User. The client must also take note that the company is not required to provide clients with information, instructions and warnings in a wider range than in the present paragraph. In particular, the company is not liable for damages suffered by the User due to the violation of the relevant legislative prohibitions functioning in his/her country.

9.2. By rating or participating in the games, the User confirms that he has reached the lowest age of consent set by the law of his country, and confirms his/her capacity to enter into the agreement with the company. In case of non-fulfilment of these requirements the User’s account will be closed and necessary measures will be applied.

9.3. The User agrees that his personal information, provided to the company during the pool betting, games in multiplayer poker, casino games and games such as lotteries, as well as in any other game, is stored and used by automatic means.

9.4. By registering, the User confirms the exclusive intellectual property of the company’s regulations, as well as the system controlled by them.

9.5. The Company reserves the right to inform Users about special promotions and new products by telephone and e-mail.

9.6. Legal relations between the User and the company are a subject to the laws of Philippines and are regulated by it with the exception of the appropriate legal rules of international private law. The place of performance of all obligations for betting and gaming, as well as at the appropriate bets, is Philippines. All disputes arising over or regarding bets made by customers are resolved if it does not contradict the law, by the court in Philippines, which has the relevant territorial and subject matter jurisdiction.

9.7. The Company expressly states that it does not provide users with any advice (consultation) on tax matters and/or legal matters.

9.8. No disputes about the bets can lead to a lawsuit, legal action or claims on bookmaker licenses if the company complies with the provisions of arbitration.

9.9. In case of any claims and disputes from the Users’ side and people representing their parties, the company’s liabilities are limited by the size of bets or its possible winnings.

9.10. In case of any disputes or claims the database of Golden 777 Nevada has priority over any other data.

9.11. If there is discrepancy between the English version of these rules and the translation into another language, the English version is considered to be the correct one.

9.12. Any matters of dispute including claims about the results of the event are accepted to be reviewed by the bookmaker’s office within 5 days of the end of the sporting event.

9.13. Golden 777 Nevada does not hold Users’ funds in segregated or separately protected bank accounts. It is important for the User to understand that deposits of Golden 777 Nevada are not held in banks and no interest is accrued upon them.


10.1 The Company has the right not to accept bets from any person without giving any reason and reserves the right to close or temporarily block the accounts of individual Users without prior notice.

10.2. The minimum and maximum size of bets for all sporting events is defined by the bookmaker’s office and is subject to changes without prior written notice. In addition, Golden 777 Nevada reserves the right to impose special restrictions on the accounts of individual Users.

10.3. Golden 777 Nevada does not recommend two or more Users placing bets from one IP-address (from the same computer or the same local area network) in order to avoid suspicion of collusion (cheating). In such cases it is necessary to reconcile the possibility of the game with Golden 777 Nevada by explaining the circumstances. Golden 777 Nevada has the right to block the account of such a User and ask them to send the documents verifying their registered identity.

10.4. Winnings are paid only within the maximum limits of the company. If the User has made a bet and the winnings exceed the maximum, the company will not pay any amount of money exceeding the maximum limit.

10.5 Results for sports statistics are published on the official website of Golden 777 Nevada, within 3 days of the end of a sporting event.

10.6. Golden 777 Nevada reserves the right to cancel repeated bets on the same event/market if it exceeds the maximum payout of this event/market.


11.1 Bets placed after the start of the event, except the bets for Live Events, in all cases, are invalid and are returnable, and are excluded from the "Multiple" and "System" bets. Any bet (including bets for Live Events) made on an event, the result of which is already known by the time of betting, is considered invalid and will be refunded.

11.2 If the User wishes to challenge the time of the start of the event, he must provide an official document (or a link to the website of regulatory bodies of the given event) which confirms the actual time of the start of the match on which the given bet was made.

11.3 If disputes arise regarding the time of the start of the event, if the official regulatory bodies of the appropriate tournament/event do not provide (or lack) such information, Golden 777 Nevada’s information about the event’s start time is considered the only correct one while calculating the bets.

11.4 If the event and market is covered for Live Betting then bets will stand at the revised price at the time the bet was placed (where a revised price is deemed less than 1.01 then bets will be void), unless the outcome is already known in which case such bets will be void.

11.5 If the event or market is not covered for Live Betting then the bet will stand as long as the selected participant or team has not gained a material advantage (e.g. a score, sending off for the other team etc). Where a material advantage has been gained Svenbet reserves the right to void the bet, win or lose. Any bet placed where the outcome is already known, including Live Betting, will be made void.


12.1 If a "return" is declared about a bet, such bet is considered as won with the coefficient of 1. In case of "Single" bets this means that the User will get back the amount of money placed on this bet. In the case of "Multiple" or "System" bets the total coefficient will be changed accordingly (in the event, where a return occurs, the coefficient will get the value 1, the coefficients on the remaining events will remain unchanged, and the final coefficient will be counted according to a similar scheme; only the coefficient of the outcome of the event, on which a return was given – one of the factors (multipliers) of the final coefficient of "Multiple" or "System" – will get the value 1).

Position Outcome Coefficient

Finland - Moldova Win 1 1.55

Malta-Croatia Croatia Handicap (-2) 1.70

Bulgaria-England Win 2 1.50

If Finland and England win the above mentioned games, and Croatia win by 2 goals, and the given Multiple plays, but when calculating the total coefficient it will be 1 instead of 1.7 (coefficient of winning) and the final coefficient of the given Multiple will be equal to 1.5511.5 = 2.325.

12.2 If as a result of the match the total number of scored goals is equal to the total of the bet and among the proposed outcomes of the given total bets there has not been the option equal … (the indicated number) of goals, a return is made. Similarly, for the individual totals, totals of the player, totals of cards/corners /dismissals, fouls and other parameters if the final value of the match and the proposed parameter of the total are equal a return is made.


13.1 In case of possible interference in the match result and the formation of the coefficients for the match (including cases of suspicion in match-fixing), Golden 777 Nevada reserves the right to suspend the payments on this event or to cancel the bets on this match, as well as hand over the information on relevant side to the appropriate authorities for further investigation and prevention of similar incidents.

13.2 Golden 777 Nevada reserves the right to suspend the payment of the bets and refund the bets on this particular event, if there are solid grounds to believe this match was negotiable. Such grounds may be based on the size, number and nature of the bets made by one or all of the possible methods of betting.

The decision of the governing bodies of relevant federations and regulatory bodies are also taken into account. In such cases Golden 777 Nevada reserves the right to hand over the information on related parties to the governing bodies for further investigation and preventing similar incidents.


In cases when the match is transferred to a neutral field (NF) bets will be valid. They are refundable in cases when the match is transferred to the opponent’s field. In cases where the teams are from the same city and are transferred to another field, bets are valid and are not refundable. In international matches, the refund of bets is made only when the match transfers to the field of an opposition country.


15.1 An event is considered interrupted if there was no play for an indispensable amount of playing time specified according to the rules of the company, even if the result of the event that was interrupted is later confirmed to be final.

15.1.1 The matches are considered to have taken place, if they have been interrupted, but not finished in the time-frame specified in points 6 and 7 and if the played time is the following:

Soccer – 90 min. Futsal – 30 min. Basketball NBA (National Basketball Association) – 40 min. Euro Basketball – 35min. Hockey NHL (National Hockey League) – 54 min. Bandy – 60 min. Eurohockey – 50 min. American football – 50 min.Baseball – 5 periods (Innings) Handball – 50 min

15.2 For interrupted events recognized as cancelled, unless otherwise stipulated in the rules on sports, all bets are refundable, except for ones for which the result is exactly defined at the time of the stoppage of the event. For interrupted events bets on the relative performance time (periods, etc.) are subject to unconditional return.


16.1 If the start time of the event has been changed and otherwise is not stipulated in the rules of sports, all bets on the event are refundable.

16.2 During a game involving qualification to the next round, in cases of transferring the game period onto subsequent days, or changes of the field, the bets remain valid. If the "qualification" of the team which goes to the next round later has been cancelled for any reason, the cancellation is disregarded, and the payment is made according to the results of the played matches. If the second match did not take place or was interrupted, then all bets on it, including the qualification, are refundable. Payments on the qualification are made only at bets made before the first match. If none of the matches have taken place, the bets will be refunded.


17.1 Golden 777 Nevada validates the results on the basis of official reports and alternative sources of information (including videos of the event) after finishing the event. Calculation of bets is based on the results published on the website www.Golden 777 Nevada.com in the section "RESULTS''. In case of discrepancy of results from different sources of information, as well as in the case of their obvious mistakes the final decision to determine the results lies with Golden 777 Nevada.

17.2 All Users’ inquiries regarding the correctness of the results of the Golden 777 Nevada site, should be based only on the basis of official sources of information (websites of regulatory bodies for these championships). Information from other sources cannot be considered a basis for the reviewing/reappraisal of bets.

17.3 Valid (factual) results are considered to be the results, which are announced on the basis of official reports or other sources of information, right after the end of the event.

The following official sources are used:

www.uefa.com – Champions League, UEFA Cup, Selected matches and Europe Championship (soccer)

www.fifa.com – Confederation Cup, Selected matches and World’s Championship (soccer)

www.bundesliga.at – Soccer Austria

www.turkish-soccer.com – Soccer Turkey

www.rfpl.org – Soccer Russia

www.premierleague.com – Soccer England

www.sportinglife.com – Soccer England

www.gazzetta.it – Soccer Italy

www.bundesliga.de – Soccer Germany

www.marca.com – Soccer Spain

www.lfp.es – Soccer Spain

www.lfp.fr – Soccer France

www.mlsnet.com – Soccer USA

www.goalzz.com – Soccer

www.nfl.com – American Soccer

www.basket.ru – Basketball Russia

www.nba.com – Basketball (NBA)

www.euroleague.com – Basketball Europe League

www.eurocupbasketball.com – EuroCup Basketball

www.nhl.com – Hockey NHL

www.fhr.ru – Hockey Russia

www.rusbandy.ru – Bandy Russia

www.atptennis.com – Tennis ATP

www.wtatour.com – Tennis WTA

www.mlb.com – Baseball

www.eurohandball.com – Handball

www.fide.com – Chess

www.volley.ru – Volley-ball Russia

The organizer can use other official sources when needed. In exceptional cases, the organizer reserves the right to use video viewing to adjudge the true result.

17.4 Live event bet results are calculated based on what is known immediately after the end of the event/competition. All following changes (for example, changes by decision of a jury after the game) are not taken into account while deciding the bets. The company itself calculates these bets based on its statistical data about the actual course of the game. If not otherwise indicated, all bets on non-participating athletes in the competition will be void.

17.5 In cases when the company’s statistics (based on TV coverage) are different from the official statistics, the bets are calculated according to the company’s statistics.

17.6 If more than one participant or team is declared as a winner of the competition, the coefficient of winnings is divided by the number of winners (the coefficient cannot be less than 1)

17.7 All operations on user accounts are made in the currency chosen by the User during registration.

17.8 All bets for which the outcomes are already known (in particular bets on who will score the next goal or win a certain segment of the match), are considered valid and are calculated even if the event or tournament was suspended.

17.9 If a match is not completed and is considered incomplete, then all bets on it are refundable, (except in the event of what is mentioned in point 16.1.1) even if the result of the suspended event, is later confirmed as final.

17.10 If it does not contradict the special rules of individual sports, the result announced on the day of the match is taken as the result of the match. Any possible changes in the result, conditioned by the revision of the results of the event by governing bodies and disciplinary penalties of teams, for the purposes of betting, are not taken into account, and the initial results of the calculation of bets remain in force.


Users are required to bet only on their own behalf. Recurring bets containing the same selections from one or more clients may be recognized as invalid and get cancelled by the company. Even after the official outcome of such bets is known, in cases where the company is confident that Users have acted in collusion or as a syndicate, or suspicious bets have been made by one or more Users in a short period of time, such bets may be considered invalid and get cancelled by the company.


19.1 If it does not contradict the special rules of individual sports, when an event participant for whatever reason cannot take part in the event which was bet on, the bet is considered valid and lost by the client. The exceptions are the following cases:

The event/tournament is cancelled; The event /tournament is considered invalid; The location of the event was changed; The event/tournament is suspended.

19.2 In case of "Who is taller" bets meaning bets with two outcomes, if one of the participants refuses to take part before the event/tournament, the bet is refundable.


20.1 In case of betting on the “Odd/Even number of Total”, regardless of the sports and the proposed position (including total goals/cards/fouls etc.) if the result is “0″, the bets are calculated as “Even number”.

20.2 All bets on the number of medals are calculated according to the official medal table at the end of the event. Any changes undertaken by the governing bodies later are not taken into account.

20.3 Any medals won by the country team in any competition shall be considered as one regardless of the number of participants in this team.

20.4 If any market has the potential outcome “Any other”, this outcome includes all participants of the event, not separately listed in the options of that market.

20.5 With games in any event in the “additional markets” of tours (total number of goals, wins, losses, draws, angular, yellow cards etc.), only matches of the tour which are included in the daily line are taken into account.


21.1 The minimum bet on any event is the equivalent of 0.50 Euro in the registered currency of the game account. The minimum bet in "Multiple" mode and the minimum bet on one version of the "System" is the equivalent of 0.50 Euros.

21.2 The maximum coefficient of "Multiple" bets is 500 Euro. "Multiple" bets, in which the coefficient of winnings exceeds the maximum, are calculated with a coefficient of 500 Euro. In these cases, the sum of winnings should not exceed the maximum payment for a "Single" bet. The maximum coefficient of winnings for each version of the "System" is 500 Euro. Variants of systems on which the coefficient of winnings exceeds the maximum, are calculated with a coefficient of 500 Euro.

21.3 The maximum amount of the bet on the event depends on the sport and the events and is defined by the bookmaker network specifically for each event and each type of bet and is subject to change without prior written notice. Golden 777 Nevada reserves the right to limit the maximum bet on individual events, as well as the introduction and removal of specific restrictions on the accounts of individual Users without notice or explanation of reasons.

21.4 All financial limitations are applicable to each User/group acting together, making bets containing the same predictions. If the User makes a number of bets containing the same predictions, the total payment on these bets may be limited by the size of a maximum payment regulated by given limitations.